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You will found here some of my software, freewares or sharewares. Please don't hesitate to test them and if you are interrested in some feature changes or in some specific version to contact me.

Concerning freewares please read the included licence. If you find them useful please consider making a small donation, it will motivate me to do updates on software for your own pleasure. For Shareware, advanced functionnalities are greyed out, please buy the software if you need or want these advanced options. Price of my software are always low from 5 to 20 Euros in order to be accessible to everyone.


FileProtector is a tool that protect a file (executable or not) with 4 different methods: By password, By day and timetable, By user name, By computer ID. Password can be any size and options are given to display an error message in case of unauthorized access to the file and add a message in a log file.

Shareware edition is limitted to password protection. To have full functionnality please register this software for 10 Euros.


Hard Drive Space Claim

HDSC is a powerfull cleaner software to remove temporary files, files in recycle bin, Privacy datas, Internet cash files and invalid shortcuts. Deleted files can be send to recycle bin. An option lowers CPU and disk usage in order to work in background. A special option offers to compress NTFS drives efficiently (see Smart NTFS Compress here after). HDSC can work from the command-line in order to be automatically launched at each windows start. HDSC cleans files for all computer users in one single pass.



Smart NTFS Compress

Smart NTFS Compress use the windows NTFS compression system to get back from 10 to 30% of space. Compressing could be slow for big Hard Drive, but a turbo mode is proposed with less than half percentage saving. With this tool you will not need to buy a new Hard Drive, just run the tool. A statistic mode shows the level of compression in regards to file type. Unregistred version propose only the turbo mode (less than half saving but quick)




IThis is a tool for protecting files and programs with password, time, user, computer, etc...

HDSC is a quick and powerfull cleaner for your PC, you can In this section you'l have access to some of my drawings.

This program uses in a very smart way compression of NTFS file system in order to save Hard Drive space.

List files and sub-directory in an Word document automatically.

Small tool that stays in system tray and check for removable media and warn about it. Never forget again your USB drive or CD in a computer..